Your Year of the Rat Horoscope

Find out what’s in store for you in the new lunar year!

The Chinese art of divination using the 12 animal-signs has intrigued many for centuries. It is one of life’s great mysteries in that some of the predictions can be remarkably accurate.

Excerpt from:
Chinese Horoscope
Written by Sherman Tai
Illustrated by Leow Yong Shin

CNY2020 Year of the rat_web_Page_01CNY2020 Year of the rat_web_Page_06CNY2020 Year of the rat_web_Page_07CNY2020 Year of the rat_web_Page_08CNY2020 Year of the rat_web_Page_09CNY2020 Year of the rat_web_Page_10CNY2020 Year of the rat_web_Page_11CNY2020 Year of the rat_web_Page_12CNY2020 Year of the rat_web_Page_13CNY2020 Year of the rat_web_Page_14CNY2020 Year of the rat_web_Page_15CNY2020 Year of the rat_web_Page_16

CNY2020 Year of the rat_web_Page_17

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